Public-Private Partnership (PPP)

Collaboration between the public and private sectors (public-private partnership, PPP) is a frequently used route for the development of public infrastructure and other projects.

However, PPP projects are diverse and can therefore take different forms: design-build-finance-maintenance (DBFM), design-build-maintenance (DBM), a traditional government contract, a concession, and so on.

Large and small projects from the past have also shown that the success of a PPP project in the long term depends on a multitude of things, such as the payment of the end user, the division of liabilities and the choice for the optimal capital structure.

Given the often significant importance of such projects, both socially and financially, a thorough experience with PPP is a must. Boards and private companies can turn to Tender Law for this.

The expertise offered by Tender Law regarding PPP includes:

  • Assistance with determining a strategy and with regard to the question of the usefulness of a PPP construction in a specific case
  • Editing of a guideline for the awarding of a special purpose vehicle (SPV) and assistance to an SPV in formation
  • Assistance with regard to modifications in the scope of the PPP project
  • Negotiating, drafting and executing (project) contracts within the framework of complex PPP projects
  • Analysis of whether an SPV qualifies as a contracting authority and the consequences thereof
  • Judicial assistance;

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